Operation Healthy Lifestyle : Day 18

Today I got in an hour walk with my boyfriend and our fur baby, a boxer/springer mix named Brody!  The princess stayed home to take her nap with her grandpa.


After the walk I made a dinner that included steamed boneless skinless chicken breast, broccoli, and a little cheese mixed in with egg noodles. My dad had two helpings which is rare and I even got my picky toddler to eat it…so I would say that is a success!


After dinner the cutie pie and I went outside to play and spend some time with our neighbors…for 2 hours!!


I should point out that I had NO desire to workout today. It would have been so simple to stay inside all day and make up some BS excuse as to why I couldn’t get a walk in today.

I made myself get out…I asked my boyfriend to bring his dog over for a family walk. I love that I have him to support me during this journey. He never judges and tells me how proud he is of me every day and praises me for even the smallest of victories.

We all need that. Someone who reminds us that we are trying and some days that is all that matters. Not everyone has such amazing, unconditional support during a journey such as this.

If you know someone who is struggling to lose weight or just be healthy, take the time to ask them about it and let them know they are doing a great job! It truly means more than you can imagine.


Operation Healthy Lifestyle : Day 17

My biggest accomplishment today: getting out of the house for two hours!

I woke up feeling sick still, but it was so nice out I wanted to get my daughter out of the house. So we packed up her bag and grabbed the jogging stroller and headed to her favorite park.

We walked the mile to the park and then played on the playground equipment for an hour before trekking a mile back home. Ultimately I am glad I pushed  myself to get out and enjoy the weather.

While pushing my daughter on the swing she said “fun mama” and I said, “I am glad you are having fun.” To which she replied “thank you mama.”

Talk about a “melt my heart” moment! Most kids don’t talk like that, especially when they are not even two years old yet! Makes me a proud mama!!


My one downside today: SUNBURN


Operation Healthy Lifestyle: Day 15

Today was spent running around in many forms.

This morning I was chasing after a very active toddler who wanted nothing more than to play outside and enjoy the gorgeous Spring weather.
This afternoon I was all over town running errands for work and grocery shopping. Tonight I spent working on multiple work articles.

Before I was in full work mode, I made some dinner for my dad, daughter, and myself. We had hamburger, broccoli rice, and I had some baked red potatoes. For dessert I went for a sweet, but healthy-ish treat–stawberry shortcake!


I am hoping my sickness starts to fade away so that I can fully enjoy the nice weather and get more exercise in. I just keep telling myself that I am doing the best I can right now…being sick.

Hoping to continue to stick to this new plan. Next task is to completely cut out pop!!!

Operation Healthy Lifestyle : Day 14

My blood sugar has been high, I have a fever, and I just want to sleep.

I am alive, I have a roof over my head, and I am loved!

Today was “one of those days” where everything just seems to be working against you.

I got out and played with my daughter cause nothing beats making her happy. It is the best feeling in the world just to know the simple act of spending time with her makes her happy.


I also had to work this evening interviewing the new superintendent of the local school. I decided to walk home rather than ask to be picked up.


I struggled…I was in pain, could barely breathe, and I felt like I was going to pass out.


Not all of it was bad, however. While on this walk I got the intense urge to do a photography project, much like one I did for a photography class in college. I want to photograph girls/women of all ages, races, cultures, sizes, etc. and show that our flaws, differences are what make us ALL beautiful!

I am still working out all the details, but I am very excited and passionate about it and have 13 volunteer models so far! I cannot wait to work out all the details and get started on this! More to come on this :)


Operation Healthy Lifestyle : Day 13

It will be a short update as I have been sick.

I have still been working out every day, sometimes multiple times a day just in shorter increments so as not to over do it.

I have been eating healthier, and even went grocery shopping again for more healthy foods–salads, veggies, fruits, boneless/skinless chicken breasts, etc.

Yesterday was nice outside so my boyfriend and I brought my nephew and daughter to the park for over an hour. I didn’t do much running around as my blood sugar was over 200 due to being sick. It was fun to watch the kids run and have fun though!

I also did some clothes shopping yesterday for some clothes that fit me comfortably…I figure feeling beautiful emotionally will help me work harder to accept myself no matter my size. ..and thus be more motivated to be healthy!



Operation Healthy Lifestyle: Day 9

Today I woke up before my daughter and worked out for an hour. I was struggling more than usual, but pushed through.

Once Cheyenne woke up we ran around, played games, played some “soccer” (as much as you can play soccer with a 22 month old) and then ran around some more at night with her and my boyfriend. It was a very active day for me…which is good!

Did some minor shopping tonight when the boyfriend and I had to run to the store to get one needed item to make dinner. I was able to get some fruits and veggies to finally make some snack bags.

My boyfriend and I made a “hobo dinner” that consisted of sliced red potatoes, carrots, and hamburger cooked in tin foil in the oven. It may have not been entirely healthy, but it was definitely delicious!


My snack bags now consist of a combination of string cheese, carrots and grapes or string cheese, cucumber, and grapes in a ziplock back. Easy to grab. Already assembled. Just ready to grab from the fridge…making it easier to go for a healthy snack rather than junk food.


Tonight I was cuddling my daughter when I suddenly felt warm and as though I would pass out. I checked my temperature and realized I have developed a fever. I am hoping that I am not catching my child’s respiratory infection, but it does explain why I was struggling more than usual to work out today.

Operation Healthy Lifestyle: Day 8

Just a quick update…ive been slacking on posting as I’ve had a sick toddler and got busy with my job.

I have been still getting physical activity as well as trying to make healthy food choices.

Even with Easter, I only ate until I felt satisfied, I only had one cookie instead of going after the multitude of other delicious looking desserts present, and i picked the healthy skinless chicken over the fried.

Overall I was fairly proud.

I am having a lot of pain, and fear that I am catching my daughter’s respiratory infection, but I still worked out for 45 minutes today. Not going to lie it was a struggle and my pain is worse now, but I know that it will all be worth it in the end.


Post-workout photo